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                                                              Florence’s boutique real estate experience

   We are a full-service real estate group of dedicated local professional full-time Realtors. We have over thirty years of experience and are members of multiple local MLS and real estate boards. 

  What makes us a boutique experience and sets us apart? 

  The hallmark of our boutique experience is that we value customers over profits, focusing on quality over quantity. We don’t take on more than we can handle to give each client the attention and care they deserve. We strive to provide our clients with the highest service and expertise. We measure success by happy clients rather than an aggressive franchise-imposed sales goal. We believe in a relational, not a transactional, business philosophy and provide superior customer service for a small number of clients. 
   We are an extremely specialized business  with  a powerful culture of client protection,  and distinctive trustworthiness centered on a superior understanding and focus on contracts, negotiations, communication, and strong attention to detail. As our client, you can expect above-average representation in any transaction, from a sprawling estate to a quaint condo unit and everything in between. You can rest assured knowing that your broker and the entire group are working to assist you with a smooth transaction. From the beginning, your broker will walk you through each step with guidance and sound advice to help ensure a smooth transaction. We have built a carefully vetted team that meets our standards of care for our clients. From lending professionals, home inspectors, contractors, photographers, title and escrow, and property management companies who will all assist us in providing the smoothest transaction possible for you. Buying or selling property is a major life decision, and we take great pride in the fact that you would choose us to work for you.