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Big Man, Big Heart, Big Results ~written by Warden

Adam Joyce REALTOR®

Professional Real Estate Broker with eXp Realty in Florence, OR

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What’s My Home Worth?

The First step when selling your home is to set the right price for the current market conditions in your area.

Florence’s boutique real estate experience

We are a full-service real estate group of dedicated local professional full-time Realtors. We have over thirty years of experience and are members of multiple local MLS and real estate boards.

What makes us a boutique experience and sets us apart?

The hallmark of our boutique experience is that we value customers over profits, focusing on quality over quantity. We don’t take on more than we can handle to give each client the attention and care they deserve. We strive to provide our clients with the highest service and expertise. We measure success by happy clients rather than an aggressive franchise-imposed sales goal. We believe in a relational, not a transactional, business philosophy and provide superior customer service for a small number of clients.

We are an extremely specialized business with a powerful culture of client protection, and distinctive trustworthiness centered on a superior understanding and focus on contracts, negotiations, communication, and strong attention to detail. As our client, you can expect above-average representation in any transaction, from a sprawling estate to a quaint condo unit and everything in between. You can rest assured knowing that your broker and the entire group are working to assist you with a smooth transaction. From the beginning, your broker will walk you through each step with guidance and sound advice to help ensure a smooth transaction. We have built a carefully vetted team that meets our standards of care for our clients. From lending professionals, home inspectors, contractors, photographers, title and escrow, and property management companies who will all assist us in providing the smoothest transaction possible for you. Buying or selling property is a major life decision, and we take great pride in the fact that you would choose us to work for you.


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More Reason to Choose Adam Joyce as Your Real Estate Professional!

If you’re buying, you also have the full faith that the information we provide about home values, neighborhood features, and local market trends is completely accurate. We can create a customized MLS search for homes in the exact same market. We’ll use prequalification data, proximity to schools, walkability, and any other details of importance to you.

If we find something you like, let us know, and we can set up a tour. Preferably, we’ll find several homes to consider before doing this, but timing is everything. The sooner you walk through and see if it lives up to the MLS data provided, the sooner we can give you the pros and cons. Best of all, we can do this on your behalf. With us, negotiating price, repairs, and terms, you’ll get every bit of what you want, with no surprises.

If you have any credit issues that may have prevented you from getting a home in the past, let us know. We can see if you qualify for any second chance financing and down payment assistance. The sooner we’re clear about the details of your buying ability, the sooner we can focus our search on properties you qualify for. With the truth right in front of you, whatever decision you make is an informed one that you can feel good about. This is what we want for you, so give us a call and let’s talk!

If You are Planning to Sell, Make Sure You Have the Right Real Estate Agent!

As a broker, my expert opinion is published to the MLS, so other agents in the area don’t have to waste time redoing the same work. This helps them and their clients by providing the most important piece of data: the accurate property value. This is the one. If you get this wrong, everything that follows is bound to fail, or not go in your best interests. If you’re selling, we need to know this before we can calculate a repair budget needed to pass a bank inspection. This, of course, determines if you’re eligible for bank financing. 

Our team can provide you with the most accurate information about your home’s value and the types of repairs to focus on so you can pass inspection. Once we update your listing with your “financing approved” status, we’re ready to market your property for top dollar. 99% of buyers not only expect to buy using bank money, but they also need it. By offering buyer financing, we’re driving up demand for your home to leverage a sale for full market value.

If by chance, you’re struggling with excessive repairs that prevent passing, our team will call upon our trusted network of helpers. We’ll start with our own property inspector, contractor, and landscaper to see if something can be worked out. If necessary, we’ll have a mortgage broker standing by, ready to approve your property for financing the moment it passes. Our friendly title companies will be ready to process paperwork immediately so we can close quickly with a motivated buyer. As you’ll see, we do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality.



Adam was dedicated to helping us find the right home, our forever home. Even made videos of several homes we were interested in since we were out of state. We loved working with him, he is very professional and very knowledgeable about the local area. He is the best and I highly recommend him to you.


 Big man, big heart, big results! Adam is the total package. I had to purchase a house from out of state and Adam went leaps and bounds above the standard call of duty to ensure he understood me needs and to make full and detailed videos of properties so I was very comfortable purchasing a house without even being there. He is quick to respond and very flexible. He would be far and away my first choice to work with if I purchased another house in the future!

Warden “Warden”

Adam Joyce has been an absolute pleasure. This man was in my corner through the whole experience and I appreciate every bit of it. Adam is very professional and cares about his clients. He’s very good at explaining anything if I had questions and if he didn’t know something he would find out for me.